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How to Make Full Use of Control Center on iOS 11

One of the new and attractive feature of iOS 11 is Control Center. This allows you to access all of the functions of your device a lot easier without having to tap through many different screens. What’s more, it is customizable so that you can easily access your favorite functions. Are you curious about iOS 11 Control Center? Let’s walk you through about it.

Items Can and Cannot Be Removed from Control Center

The Control Center is made up of a series of customizable components. As such, you can add things to your Control Center as well as remove them. Which items can you remove and which ones can you not remove, though? Here is a list:

Can Be Removed (and Added at Any Time):

Voice Memos
Text Size
Screen Recording
Low Power Mode
Guided Access
Apple TV
Do Not Disturb While Driving

Cannot Be Removed:

Orientation Lock
Night Shift
Volume Control
Now Playing

How to Add or Remove Options in the Control Center

While before the Control Center was small, only somewhat useful, and not customizable at all, now it has a new, more useful design. Not only is it bigger, but it can also be customized. Here is how you use the basic customization functions:

1. On your device, go to Settings.

2. Tap Control Center.

3.Go to the More Controls area, and tap the "+" button next to specific functions to add controls to your Control Center. Similarly, tap the "-" button to remove controls.

How to Organize Controls

1. Go to Settings > Control Center on your device.

2. Touch and hold a control until you see it go into hover mode.

3.Now you can drag that individual control to where you want it to be on the list. You can change the order of your controls this way.

How to Use More Features of the Control Center With 3D Touch/Long Press

The Control Center also responds to 3D touch / long press, which lets you get certain things done faster. If you 3D touch a panel in your Control Center, it can show you more options or details. For instance, it may display more settings or display labels for the various icons. Basically, you are getting a "deeper" view of the Control Center panel you are using.

Many of the control icons themselves also respond to 3D touch. For example, if you 3D touch the flashlight icon in your Control Center, you can change the brightness level. There are many functions that now work this way. Play around with 3D touch and discover them for yourself.

The new Control Center is truly superior compared to the older versions. Not only is it very customizable, but it is also easier to navigate. You can add controls to it very easily from the settings as well as remove certain (but not all) controls. You can organize them in different ways that work for you, and you can also use the controls faster with enhanced 3D touch support. It’s just one of the many useful changes that we've seen in iOS 11.
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