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Possible Solution to Recover Data from Disabled iPhone

“My 18-year old sister-in-law unexpectedly passed away recently. In an attempt to save the videos of herself on her iPhone 6, her mother attempted to enter possible passwords and inadvertently disabled the phone. Any options left to recover data from disabled iPhone 6?”

This is the customer in Apple community that reflect the demand to recover data from disabled iPhone. In fact, there are many situations in daily life may cause your iPhone disabled. Once your iPhone is disabled, you can not use it and even access any data in it. If you are also in this dilemma, keep on following us and we would provide you some possible solutions to recover data from disabled iPhone.

iRefone is a powerful and easy to use software which designed to recover data from iPhone and extract data from iTunes/iCloud backup. It supports nearly all the iOS content like messages, notes, contacts, call history, photos, whatsapp, wechat, etc. It is easy to operate without you having professional skills. Next, let’s learn how to recover data from disabled iPhone with the software.

Part 1: How to Recover Data from Disabled iPhone

Note: Although the software provides you the mode to recover data directly from iOS device, you can not use this mode to access your data as the software can not bypass the passcode. You could use another two recovery mode to recover disabled iPhone data from iTunes/iCloud backup.

How to Recover Disabled iPhone Data from iTunes Backup

Step 1 Run iRefone and choose “Recover from iTunes Backup” as the recovery mode. There will be some backup files listed on the interface. Click on “Select” to choose the backup of iPhone you need.

Step 2 The the software will ask you choose the data you want to display and preview in the iTunes backup. Click on the icon of the data you need to start the scanning.

Step 3 When the scanning is finished, all of the data you choose in the iTunes backup will be displayed in the interface. Preview them one by one and pick out these data you need. Click on “Recover to PC” to extract them from iTunes backup and save them on PC.

How to Recover Disabled iPhone Data from iCloud Backup

Step 1 Choose “Recover from iCloud Backup” as recovery mode. Then you will see the interface below. Log in to iCloud account with Apple ID and password.

Step 2 After log into iCloud account, the program can find all iCloud backup backup files in your iCloud account. Choose one iCloud backup you need to recover data and click “Download” to start the download of your iCloud backup.

Step 3 When the downloading is finished, it will ask you choose the data you want to preview, just choose the data you need.

Step 4 Preview these data in the software and choose these one you need to recover to PC.

Part 2: How to Unlock Disabled iPhone

Sync with iTunes Before:

If you had synced the device with iTunes, follow these simple steps to restore the device and hence enable it.

Step 1: Connect the iPhone to the computer you synced with and then wait for iTunes to sync with your device and create a backup.

Step 2: Once the sync is done, click “Restore iPhone” and once you get to the Setup screen while restoring the iPhone tap “Restore from iTunes backup.” Select the latest backup to restore the device.
Not Sync with iTunes Before:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod with USB cable, you will get the message as below:
Step 2: Pull out the USB cable from your iPhone, but please leave the other end of the cable connect on your computer’s USB port.

Step 3: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds, turn your iPhone off.

Step 4: Press and hold the Home button, and connect the USB cable with your device then your iPhone will turn on.

Step 5: Keep holding the Home button until “Connect to iTunes” screen displayed then release the Home button.

Step 6: Follow the message from iTunes, when it is detected device in recovery mode, Click OK then Restore to restore your iPhone.
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