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[Solved]Print Webpage without Advertisements in Safari

“Usually I’ll browse some webpages with Safari, and when i read something interesting or they have keen insight, i would like to print them and share it with some students. But the thing is there are always some advertisements on the content. How could i print webpage without advertisements in Safari?”

When you print webpages a lot from internet, you may also think about this questions. And when you’re reading them with reader mode, you will find something interesting that there is no Ads on it any more, so we can print webpage without Ads in Safari with this method. For detailed steps, you can check below page and we’ll show you how to print webpage without Ads in Safari an Mac and iPhone iPad.

Print Webpages without Ads in Safari on Mac

Firstly, we’ll see how to remove Ads from webpage articles in Safari on Mac, see below steps.

1.Open Safari on your Mac, and navigate to the link you need to view and print its content.

2.When open the link, click “Reader” button in the URL mode to get into reader mode. Or we can also go to “View” menu and click “Show Reader” to enter reader mode.

3.Then we can view and read this webpage article easier, and now we can click “Files” menu to bring out “Print” option.

4.Now we’ll enter the print page, and the version of webpage you need to print is without Ads, then you can press “Print” button to print them.

Print Webpages without Ads in Safari on iPhone iPad

Now we’ll see the method to print Safari webpages without Ads on iPhone iPad, follow below steps and have a try.

1.Now open Safari on your iPhone iPad, go to the webpage you need to print without Ads. When open the webpage, click “Reader Mode” at the top left corner.

2.Then we’ll enter the new interface with webpage content and without Ads, now click “Share” button at the bottom.

3.And there will be many options show up, find and click “Print” button, adjust the print options as you need, and confirm with “Print”.

Now your webpage content will be printed without Ads.

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