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Your privacy is important to Brorsoft. The following statement covers our commitment to the privacy of our users:

1. iRefone is a tool that you can use to download backup files from iCloud to your computer. You can use the function "Recover from iCloud Backup File" to view them on your computer. iRefone will never record your account information and privacy.

2.To keep your account secure, you need enter your ID and password every time before downloading a new backup file from iCloud. iRefone will never record your account information or transmit it anywhere else.

3.To secure your account information against theft, iRefone suggests that you promptly log out of your account after downloading the required iCloud backup file(s) to your computer. iRefone shall not be liable for any loss incurred by you due to third-party malicious programs or account stealing via hacking software, i.e. all consequences and losses shall be solely borne by yourself. Please keep your computer safe by eliminating computer viruses on a regular basis, and do not perform jailbreaking or install any third-party plug-ins on your iOS device.

4.You can use multiple Apple IDs successively to download the corresponding iCloud backup files to your computer, and then scan and view the downloaded backup files at any time or otherwise elect to delete them.

5.iRefone offers a feature to download and view iCloud backup files for free. You are required to purchase a license to activate the software if you need to recover data.

6.If you're unable to download files, please pay close attention to our official website as Apples download protocols are subject to change. The download duration may vary with your Internet speed and the volume of the data backed up to iCloud. Downloading may be sluggish or even fail if the Internet speed is low or the volume of the data to be backed up to iCloud is large. Therefore, please check your Internet access and wait patiently if the forementioned problems occur.

7. Using the "Recover from iCloud Backup File" function provided by us represents that you have accepted Wondershare's disclaimer. Wondershare is deeply appreciative of your trust. However, Wondershare will not be liable for any abnormality of your account.