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How to Recover Deleted Emails from iPhone

It would be stressful when finding out you've deleted an important email on your iPhone. While you might think it's gone forever, there are several steps you can take to try to track it down. You can easily recover deleted emails on iPhone by using simple steps described below.

Just like most email system, the Mail app on your iPhone has a built-in safety mechanism that makes it possible to recover accidentally deleted email messages.

Emails that are deleted from the inbox or other folders are not exactly removed from your iPhone, they first get moved to the Trash Folder, from where you can perform any of the following actions.

  • Permanently delete emails from the trash can
  • Recover deleted emails and get them back to the inbox
  • Let the emails remian in the trash can and wait for them to be permanently deleted on their own

How to Recover Deleted Emails on iPhone

Follow the steps below to recover deleted messages from the trash on your iPhone.

1. From the home screen tap on the Mail app.

2. Next, top on Mailboxes from upper left corner of screen.


3. Tap on the Trash can icon.


4. Next, tap on the Edit button from the top right corner of your screen.


5. Now, select those emails that you want to move back or restore to the inbox by tapping on each of them.

6. Tap on Move from the bottom of your screen.


7. On the next screen, tap on Inbox to move selected amils from the Trash can back to the inbox.

Editor's Note:

While you can always recover deleted messages by using above steps, things can get messy in case you have deleted a large number of emails. You will have to go through all the emails in the Trash Folder to choose the ones that you want to restore. Also, the Trash Folder has its own schedule for permanently deleting emails from your iPhone. Hence, you may not always be able to find the email that you are looking to restore (in case of a delay). Hence, it is recommended that you always take a good look at the messages before proceeding with a mass email delete action and move important emails to a separate folder.

Additional Tips:

If you accidentally deleted some other files, data like messages, notes, contacts on your iPhone, how to recover them? Actually, you can use the direct restoration methods from iTunes and iCloud, but you cannot select what should be restored, and you get all your data and files in one package. To resolve the issue, you can get help from a third-party data recovery tool like iRefone.

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