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Recover iPhone Data after Restoring to Factory Settings

“My iPhone 6s went into recovery mode after updating to iOS 10. In order to get it out of recovery mode, I had to restore my iPhone to factory settings which caused me lost all of the data on my iPhone 6s. Can anyone help me restore lost data from iPhone 6s after restoring to factory setting?”

Restore iPhone to factory setting is the good way to fix some software problems, as well as the good way to protect your data security when you decided to sell or send your iPhone. As we known, when reset the iPhone to factory setting, it may erase all iPhone data permanently. Sometimes things just happen when we don't have a backup of the iPhone/iPad before performing a factory reset or we just perform a reset to completely remove malware. At this point, how can you recover iPhone lost data after factory restore? In this guide, we will walk you through how to perform factory restore and the method to recover lost data after restoring to factory settings.

How to Restore iPhone to Factory Reset

A factory reset will delete all your personal information and media files on iPhone and reset the device to its original settings. By all personal information and files, it means that pictures, music, notes, apps you installed and specific app data will all be removed. However, reset does not remove the iOS software most recently installed on the iPhone since iOS is necessary to run the iPhone.

Perform a Reset on iPhone

Go to "Settings"> "General." Find the "Reset" option where there is a list of different reset operations. To perform a complete reset, choose "Erase All Content and Settings," and then tap "Erase iPhone."

Perform a Reset Using iTunes

Connect iPhone/iPad to iTunes on computer; then select "Summary" from the left hand column. Choose "Restore iPhone," your iPhone will then start to delete all your downloading apps, data and settings.

Recover iPhone Lost Data after Factory Restore

General speaking, when you delete data on your iPhone, it isn't gone forever immediately, but only becomes invisible and can be overwritten by any new data. As to restoring iPhone to factory settings, it's a little hard, because the data might have been overwritten during the restoring. It sounds impossible to recover data from iPhone after factory setting restore. You could use the iPhone data recovery software to help you recover iPhone lost data after factory restore.

iRefone- iPhone data recovery is the best data recovery tool in the market. This tool could help you recover iPhone data lost due to restore by extracting iCloud and iTunes backup. It supports data like messages, contacts, notes, photos, whatsapp, wechat and more. It is fully compatible with iOS 10 and the latest iPhone 7(Plus).

Part 1: Restore iPhone Lost Data after Factory Restore from iTunes

Step 1 Run iRefone and choose “Recover from iTunes Backup” as the recovery mode. There will be some backup files listed on the interface. Click on “Select” to choose the backup of iPhone you need.

Step 2 The the software will ask you choose the data you want to display an preview in the iTunes backup. Click on the icon of the data you need to start the scanning.

Step 3 When the scanning is finished, all of the data you choose in the iTunes backup will be displayed in the interface. Preview them one by one and pick out these data you need.

Part 2: Restore iPhone Lost Data after Factory Restore from iCloud

Step 1 Choose “Recover from iCloud Backup” as recovery mode. Then you will see the interface below. Log in to iCloud account with Apple ID and password.

Step 2 After log into iCloud account, the program can find all iCloud backup backup files in your iCloud account. Choose one iCloud backup you need to recover data and click “Download” to start the download of your iCloud backup.

Step 3 When the downloading is finished, it will ask you choose the data you want to preview, just choose the data that you need to retrieve.

Step 4 Preview these data in the software and choose these one you need to recover to PC.

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