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Recover Deleted WeChat Contacts on iPhone

When you accidentally deleted some wechat contacts on your iphone, and you did not have time to backup your iphone. Is it possible to recover these deleted wechat contacts? The answer is certainly Yes. Actually, when you deleted a wechat contact on your iphone, the contact doesn't get deleted.It still stay somewhere on your iPhone, because of the deleted wechat contact is technically marked for deletion by the operating system and hidden,it was invisible to us.In order to make the deleted wechat contact visible and recover deleted wechat contact, you just need a professional iPhone Wechat Contacts Recovery tool.

iRefone is such a powerful iPhone WeChat Contacts recovery software which could directly scan your iPhone to recover and get back deleted wechat contacts back with a few steps.Now just follow the detail steps below to restore iPhone deleted WeChat contacts.
First, choose the version you need to download and install iRefone.Below steps will take the windows version as example. If you are using the Mac, the steps is similar.

Recover Deleted WeChat Contacts Directly from iPhone

1. Run iRefone and connect iPhone with computer.
Launch iRefone and connect your iphone with computer. Then you will see below interface to ask you choose the recovery mode you need. As we just recover deleted wechat contacts directly from iphone, just click "Start" to next interface.

2.Choose WeChat Contacts to scan.
Then it will ask you to choose the data you want to scan. iRefone divided WeChat into three part: WeChat Contacts, WeChat Messages and WeChat Messages Attachments. Clikc "WeChat Contacts" to start the scanning process.

3. Preview and recover deleted Contacts.
When the scanning is finished, all of your WeChat contacts will be displayed in the interface.These deleted contacts will be marked as orange.You could seach the one you need in them. If you want to save these deleted contacts, you could click "Recover to PC" to save them to your computer.

Only 3 steps that you could get your lost WeChat contacts back. Just enjoy it!
Tips: The best way to avoid lossing data is backup data from time to time.
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