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How to Recover iPhone Photos without Backup

Nowadays, smartphones have been growing rapidly and greatly, beyond our imagination. Take iPhone as an example, different from traditional phones for simply sending text messages and taking calls, it has featured with many amazing functions, especially for its built-in camera, which enables people to capture wonderful pictures and record precious moments. However, with the times we use the smart gadget becoming more and more, it's common and inevitable to lose these photos on iPhone just due to wrong operations, failure iOS update, factory resetting, etc. When facing with such problems, what should we do? Seeking ways for retrieve lost iPhone photos dooms to be our top priority.

In general, Apple's iTunes and iCloud may give some help to recover your lost photos from iPhone though, the point is, for many cases, it's limited to that you have made a full backup of your iPhone before losing the data. And even if you've created an iTunes or iCloud backup in advance, you still need to restore your iPhone with the backup to get back deleted photos, which would cause existing files on your iPhone overwritten. Then you may can't help asking there is any available way to restore iPhone lost photos without backup? Fortunately there is a great solution that can help you solve all these problems, and that is iRefone for Mac.

Overall, well-known as a professional iPhone data recovery software, specially designed for recovering your deleted or lost photos on iPhone directly without iTunes or iCloud backup. Apart from photos, many other types of data like contacts, notes, calendars, messages, reminders and more all are allowed to recover from your iPhone. During the process of recovering, you are granted to scan and preview all your lost data(photos included) on your iPhone and then able to restore the required data selectively. If you want to get back deleted photos from iPhone on Windows (Windows 10 included), please turn to iRefone for Windows. Now just download the software and learn how to recover deleted photos from iPhone easily.

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How to Recover iPhone Photos without backup

Step 1: Install and Connect > Install iRefone for Mac and start it up. Connect your iPhone to your computer. Wait for the recognition of your iPhone by the software and hit the button of "Start". In this way, you have chosen the recovery mode of "Recover from iOS Device".


Note: Please choose the right version to download and install according to what kind of computer you are using. If your iPhone is not detected by iRefone, please check whether you have unlocked your iPhone with the passcode, and whether you have hit "Trust this computer "on your iPhone screen.

Step 2: Choose Photos to Retrieve Selectively > This iPhone data recovery tool will show you an interface listing all the supported data categories for you to choose. Click on the data category you want to export. Since you just want to back up your photos only, you can just click on the icon for the Photos selectively.


Step 3: Recover Photos to Mac > It will take some time for iRefone to scan and analyze the photos on your iPhone. When the scanning is finished, you can selectively mark and recover those you want by click the "Recover to Mac" button on the bottom-right to save them on your computer.


As we all know that, iPhone has been updated to the 6S generation. Then it is of great importance to backup your photos on iPhone 6S/6/5/5S/5C/4S. Below are some tips for helping you to backup iPhone photos in an safe and easy manner.

Tips: How to Backup iPhone Photos

Solution 1. Backup Photos to computer using iRefone

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer

Install and run iRefone for Mac on Mac, connect the device you want to recover with Mac via USB cable.Then you will see the interface as follows, click "Start" to access the data in device. Click "Start Scan" to extract the files from iPhone. With this step the program will display all the found files from the device.


Step 2. Preview, Recover and Save in your Computer

When the scanning is over, it will display all the found files. Choose the folder which has photos in it and preview them. Mark all the photos and click "Recover to Mac" to save them in your computer. Choose a file location to save the recovered photos in the form of backup.


Solution 2. Backup Photos from iPhone to iTunes

iTunes has the ability to backup photos and any other data automatically. If you have disabled this feature in your iPhone then you need to enable it to create regular backup from your device. Follow these simple instructions to backup photos in iTunes.

Step 1: Connect your device. First of all Open iTunes & connect your iPhone to the computer. Select the device and click on "Info" button.

Step 2: Sync Photos and backup. Select photos and sync them. Finally, right -click on your iPhone from device list and select "Backup".

These 2 steps will backup photos in your computer.

Solution 3. Backup iPhone Photos in iCloud

Photos play an important part in our lives. To preserve these memories you should create a backup in iCloud so that you could recover them whenever needed.

Step 1: Open Settings in your iPhone and select "iCloud". Go to "Settings" in your iPhone and select "iCloud". Now click "Backup" at the end of the menu.

Step 2: Enable "iCloud Backup". Now go to iCloud backup settings and enable "iCloud backup". It will immediately display a message that iTunes will not backup data after enabling iCloud backup. When you sync or get connected to a network connection iCloud will back up all the data in your iPhone including photos.

Note: For immediate backup of photos, enable "Backup now" option in the iCloud backup main screen. It will backup those files or photos which were not stored before.
Even using iCloud is easy iTunes backup is preferred more as iCloud has a limitation of storing any data upto 5GB only. With internet access you could backup Photos anytime in your iCloud account.

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