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Recover Lost Favorite Contacts on iPhone

iPhone Contacts is the basic for you to send text messages, make calls which would be the key to connect with others. If you use iPhone Contacts often, you may find that their is the tab named “Favorite Contacts”which allows you pick out and save these important Contacts to access them quickly if necessary. However, it can happen to anyone at anytime, noticing that your favorite contacts list is either missing or incomplete. Many reasons may cause you lost these favorite contacts. All may not be lost, as there may be a way to recover this lost Favorite Contacts on iPhone. The following will guide you through the recovery and prevention techniques to keep your Favorite Contacts safe.

The first problem need to solve is how to recover lost Favorite Contacts on iPhone. To recover lost data like Contacts on iPhone, you need the tool named iRefone to help you. This professional iPhone data recovery tool which supports to recover data like messages, notes, contacts, call history, photos, whatsapp, wechat and more. Before recovery, you could preview these lost data in the software as you like and selectively recover these data you need. It is fully compatible with iPhone 7/7 Plus/6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus/5s/5c/5/4s/4; iPad Pro/Air/Mini; iPod Touch.

How to Recover Lost Favorite Contacts on iPhone

Recover Lost Favorite Contacts Directly from iPhone

Run iRefone. Choose Recover from iOS Device mode. Please plug in your iPhone to the compute with USB cable so as to scan and recover lost favorite contacts. Click Start button to go.

Scan Contacts from iPhone. Just click on Contacts item to start automatic scanning and analysis process. If you have a large data for lost favorite contacts, it will take a longer time to scan.

Preview and choose lost favorite contacts to recover. Now you can select those lost favorite contacts you need and then, click Recover to PC button to get back lost favorite contacts from iPhone directly.

Recover Lost Favorite Contacts from iTunes Backup

Choose Backup Launch iRefone and choose “Recover from iTunes Backup” as the recovery mode. All of the iTunes backup files which you have ever synced with iTunes on this computer will be automatically found and listed in the software. Click “Select” or double click the backup you need to access the data interface.

Scan Contacts from iTunes Backup Choose and click the icon of contacts to start the scanning.

Preview and recover favorite contacts When the scanning is finished, preview the contacts in your iTunes backup and pick out these contacts you need to save on your computer. Click “Recover to PC” to choose the store folder.

Recover Lost Favorite Contacts from iCloud Backup

Sign in iCloud account Choose “Recover from iCloud Backup” to recover data. Sign in your iCloud account with Apple ID and passcode.

Choose data to download Choose the data you want to recover in your iCloud. This process will reduce the time of downloading. The less data you choose, the less time wait for the downloading.

Choose Contacts to scan When the downloading process is stopped, you can click the icon of the contacts you need in your iCloud backup file.

Preview and recover lost contacts You could preview all of your contacts in iCloud backup. Select these contacts you need to backup them on your computer.

Prevent Techniques to Avoid Feature Losses

Duplicate contacts across multiple accounts Within iOS you can eliminate viewing duplicate contacts when your device is configured to sync to multiple services like Yahoo, Google and iCloud by linking contact records. To combine duplicate contact records you must first edit the contact, scroll all the way to the bottom of the record, and add the record that you want to associate with it. This way if you happen to have the same person listed as a contact on several different services, you will see only one record in your Contacts app.

Backup regularly to both iTunes and iCloud It is easy to set and forget that you are backing up your iOS device to your iCloud account. But remembering to backup to your iOS device to iTunes on your computer may occur less often. While a restoration from iCloud may in fact restore your lost information, having the backed up information stored in a location you can access as you can with an iTunes backup can prove to be useful.

Export Contacts to Computer When it comes to export iPhone Contacts to computer, iRefone, also can make backing up your Contacts list a breeze. You could use this tool to help you export your favorite contacts into csv or html format so that you could organize them from time to time.
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