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Forget iPhone Locked Screen Password, How to Remove it

iPhone screen password lock is one of the first and most important way to protect iPhone security and protect the data in iPhone. However, once you set the screen password, it would be a trouble and panic if you forget iPhone locked screen password. Then you may wonder how to remove the locked screen on iPhone without password?

If you’ve locked yourself out of your iPhone, it’s not too complicated to get back in. Here, we provide some methods for you to remove iPhone locked screen password.

Method 1: Restore iPhone via iTunes to Remove Locked Screen

The easy and completely way to remove iPhone locked screen password is to restore iPhone via iTunes. Below is the detailed steps:

Step 1: Make sure that you are running the newest version of iTunes on computer.

Step 2: Connect the locked screen iPhone to the computer, then select your iPhone when it appears in iTunes.

Step 3. Click on Restore iPhone on the Summary panel. restore-iphone-via-itunes

Step 4. A pop-up messages will prompt and ask for your confirm, click on Restore. Then iTunes will download the device software file and restore your device automatically.

After clicking Restore, iTunes will begin to restore your iPhone to factory settings, all of your data and settings will be erased from iPhone after restoring. If you did not have the backup, you may lost all of the data on your iPhone. It is a good habit to backup the data in your iOS devices from time to time to avoid losing data.

Method 2: Get iPhone into Recovery Mode to Remove Locked Screen

Another way to remove iPhone locked screen password is make your iPhone into recovery mode and the restore from iTunes as well.

Step 1: Run iTunes on computer and power off your iPhone. Then connect iPhone to computer via the USB cable.

Step 2: Press and hold the Home button until you see the iTunes logo pop up on your iPhone screen. connect-itunes

Step 3: Once your device is connected to iTunes, you will see a pop-up message appear on iTunes asking you to choose to Restore or Update as below. Select Restore.

Step 4: After that, iTunes will start downloading software for your device. When it’s done, you can set up and use your iPhone without password.

Note: Once your iPhone enter into the recovery mode, you would lost all of the data on your iPhone when you exit it. You’d better to have backup of your iPhone data before try this way.


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