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Repair Options for Cracked iPhone Screens

Cracked the screen on your iPhone (or iPad or iPod, for that matter) has got to be one of the biggest and first world problems. But it is also the common problem that iOS users may come up with. Once you meet this trouble, you may be upset and worried. Never mind and just chin up. It’s bad, but it’s not disastrous. You have options. Here, in this article, we will give you some repair options for your cracked iPhone screen.

How to Repair Cracked iPhone Screen

As long as you are facing the cracked screen, the first choice that come to your mind is repair it. Actually, there are lots of businesses offer low-cost screen replacement, but you should consider it carefully before you choosing them as you may end up violating your warranty from Apple and losing all the support and benefits it offers. Follow this article to check if you meet the condition to repair your cracked iPhone screen.

If your iPhone is Under Warranty>>

Unfortunately, the standard warranty that comes with the iPhone doesn’t cover accidental damage (this is true of consumer electronics generally), which means that a cracked screen isn’t something that can be fixed for free. But that doesn’t mean you should automatically go to the cheapest repair shop. One crucial term of the iPhone warranty is that if the iPhone is opened by anyone other than an Apple-authorized tech, the entire warranty is automatically voided. Virtually all of the cheap repair shops are not Apple authorized, so saving money with them can mean that you lose your entire warranty.

So, if you need a repair, the first thing you should do is check to see whether your iPhone is still under warranty. If it is, get support directly from Apple, the phone company you bought the phone from, or from an Apple authorized reseller. One nice bonus of having Apple fix your phone is that as of August 2014, Apple Stores can replace screens without having to send your phone out for service, so you’ll be back using your phone in no time.

If you Have AppleCare>>

If you went the extra mile and paid for AppleCare, then the cost won’t be too high. AppleCare includes repair for up to two cases of accidental damage. Depending on your policy, you may have to pay a deductible and a repair fee, but that may cost less than replacing the iPhone entirely.

If you have iPhone Insurance>>

If you purchased iPhone insurance through your phone company or on your own, you should check with your insurance company to understand their policies around screen repair. Most iPhone insurance covers accidental damage. Depending on your policy, you may have to pay a deductible and a repair fee, but that may cost less than replacing the iPhone entirely.

If you do have iPhone insurance, though, make sure to get all the facts and fees before committing to using your insurance, as many people complain about bad experiences when using insurance.

If Your iPhone is Out of Warranty>>

If you don’t have warranty or insurance coverage, you’ve got more options. In this case, choosing a low-cost repair shop may be a good idea since it will save you money. If you don’t have a warranty or AppleCare, you have less to lose by using one of these shops.

It’s a good idea to use a shop that’s experienced with iPhone repair and has a good reputation. Even though they can’t violate a warranty that’s no longer in effect, an unskilled repairperson could cause additional damage to the body or interior electronics of your iPhone, which will cause more problems and could lead you to needing to buy a new phone.

If You’re Eligible for an Upgrade>>

If you’ve had your iPhone for more than two years, or would consider switching to a new phone company, you’re likely eligible for a discounted upgrade to one of the new models. A cracked screen might be a great motivator for an upgrade.

Ways to Prevent Screen Damaged

There are few simple ways for you to prevent iPhone screen damaged. You could have a try of these to reduce the likehood of cracked screen.

A case – Some cases offer screen protection, some don’t. Either way, protecting your iPhone with a case will reduce the possibility of damaging its screen.
Screen protectors – These thin, plastic overlays generally protect the screen from scratches or dings, but they can offer a little extra defense against cracks. A case is a more comprehensive solution, but screen protectors are good add-ons.
AppleCare – For your next phone, consider buying AppleCare (if you didn’t in the past). It adds a bit to your overall cost, but it’s worth it to get 2 full years of support and repairs from trained experts.

If your iPhone screen is cracked and can not be repaired any more, you could extract data from iPhone.

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