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Reset Jaibroken iPhone with/without Losing Jailbroken Features

Are you encountered tricky issues with your iPhone after jailbreaking? Or you're just worried about Apple may not serve the device because is is jailbroken? Don't worry, all what you need to do is to restore your iPhone to its factory settings followed with below step-by-step guides. Or sometimes you simply hope to restore your iPhone, but don't want to lose your iOS jailbreak in this process, you can also get help from this article on resetting your iPhone back to factory settings while keeping the jailbreak intact. Keep in mind, whichever occasion you are on, make sure to keep a backup before using the following instructions and it will make you safe from losing your important data in your iPhone.

Part 1. Reset Jailbroken iPhone to a Normal iPhone

You can easily follow the steps described below to reset your Jailbroken iPhone. But you need to consider some tips before performing those actions.

* iTunes on your computer need to be updated.
* Keep a necessary backup for your device data to restore them later.
* Take enough time to reset your jailbroken iPhone and restoring backup data.
* Make turning off 'Activation lock' if you have turned it on. You can find the option here- Settings> iCloud> Find My iPhone> On/Off.

Step 1: You need to plug in your phone to a computer, make sure to open iTunes and click it.
Step 2: Now you will find the 'Restore' option. You have to click on it. You can keep back-up your phone's non-jailbroken apps to restore them after resetting. You iPhone will take time then to download, extract and install the new firmware.
Step 3: iTunes will need your permission again to restore the device.
Step 4: Wait to get your iPhone to be restarted and after a restart you can restore your backup data. If you have access to your cellular data, your phone will restore automatically.


More details: Before you start restoring your iPhone, you might be curious as to why you just can't go into the settings and select Erase All Content and Settings. That's normally what you would do if you wanted to start from scratch. However, doing so on a jailbroken iPhone will result in a bootloop and you'll need to hard-restart your iPhone, which will merely just put you back to where you started, which is why you can't use this option.

Part 2. Reset Jailbroken iPhone without Losing Jailbroken Features

In order to restore your iPhone back to factory settings while keeping the jailbreak intact, you need to use some special softwares. Semi-Restore and iLEX RAT are two of the best options to use for resetting iphone without losing jailbroken. Here's how to use each piece of software.

How to Use Semi-Restore

With SemiRestore, there's nothing that you need to install on your iPhone. All you need to do is download the Semi-Restore program onto your computer and run it with your iPhone plugged in. Once Semi-Restore is downloaded to your computer, extract the .ZIP folder and two files will be extracted. One is a .DLL file and the other is an .EXE file. Double-click on the .EXE file to open up the Semi-Restore program. With your iPhone plugged in, click Restore to begin the process of restoring your iPhone while still keeping the jailbreak intact.


How to Use iLEX RAT

Now search for iLEX RAT in Cydia and several options should pop up. Be sure to select the one that just says iLEX R.A.T.. Once installed, open up the app and tap on iLEX RESTORE to begin the restoring process. You'll get a warning pop-up that tells you that you'll lose all of your data and settings. If you're okay with this, just tap Yes to begin the process.


Your iPhone will reboot and you'll eventually be brought to the iOS Setup Assistant. Go through this process to get to the home screen and make sure that you see the Cydia icon on the home screen. Sometimes, iLEX RAT will hide the icon for some reason, but it will still be installed (and can still be accessed by going into Safari and typing in Cydia:// in the address bar). If this is happening to you, using SemiRestore will usually fix the problem. Otherwise, you can try restoring again using iLEX RAT.

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