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Rumors about iPhone SE 2/SE Plus

Apple developed iPhone SE to satisfy some Apple fans who needs an iPhone with a small form factor, upgraded internals and lower price, as we know it gets a great success, and loved by many people. Now there are some rumors about iPhone SE 2, and also some people named it as iPhone SE plus, do you want to know more detailed information about it?

Below are some latest rumors about iPhone SE 2, like features, price and design, when you’re looking forward to its realease or want to have one, you can check below page for detailed information.

Price for iPhone SE 2

Some iPhone fans are looking forward its price, as the price for iPhone SE is quite good when compared with other iPhone.

As the price for iPhone SE is $399 with 32 GB, and it’s $449 with 128 GB in America, now we expect that the price for iPhone SE 2 will be similar with the price of iPhone SE.

Design of iPhone SE 2

Now we’ll talk about its appearance from its size and screen, see below information.

Former iPhone SE is with 2 inches screen and it’s thickness is 7.6mm, total weight can be 113 grams. Its appearance looks like iPhone 5s.

Now as rumors say that iPhone SE 2 will be more like iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, but with full screen design like iPhone X, so it’s screen will be larger and properly reaches 6.1 inches, also its thickness will be lower.

Also in order to reduce its price, iPhone SE 2 may with a LCD-TFT screen and fewer pixels. Although its screen may stretch to the base of the iPhone, the home button may remain on iPhone SE.

Specs of iPhone SE 2

Now we’ll see its specs according to some reports, see below page.

Fusion Chip:

Former iPhone SE is with an A9 chip, which is same as iPhone 6s, now iPhone SE 2 will be with A10 chip, and it’s similar with iPhone 7. Sounds so great.


Former iPhone SE is with 12 megapixels and with an f/2.2 aperture; while iPhone SE 2 may be with an f/1.8 aperture.


As former iPhone SE is with 2 GB RAM now, which is quite advanced, so iPhone SE 2 will still be with 2 GB RAM.

Color and Storage:

Former iPhone SE has four colors, that is Rose gold, Silver, Space gray and gold; While iPhone SE 2 may has only three colors, that is Silver, Gold and Space gray.

Storages will still be with 32 GB and 128 GB.


The battery capacity for former iPhone SE is 1640mAh, now it will be raise to 1700mAh on iPhone SE 2.

FaceTime Camera:

FaceTime camera for iPhone SE is 5 MP, now in new iPhone SE 2, it will be raised to 7 MP.

Release Data of iPhone SE 2

Now after seeing the detailed information of iPhone SE 2, we may be curious about its release data and want to have one.

As former iPhone SE was released in March 2016, so we expect that iPhone SE 2 may be released in March 2018. But the final released data needs to be announced by Apple.

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