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Set Virtual Home Button on iPhone X

iPhone X is designed with full screen without home button like other iPhone does, but it has other features that we can use to navigate our iPhone X screen, like using swipe gestures. But sometimes we just don’t use it well, so we may think about using virtual home button. And the problem is how could we set virtual home button on iPhone X?

Fortunately, there are some ways can help us set virtual home bottom on iPhone X, now follow this page and set it on your iPhone X.

Set Virtual Home Button on iPhone X

Before doing it, you’ll need to move all of apps from the bottom of you screen to save some space for button.

1. Open your iPhone, go to Setting--General--Accessibility--Assistive Touch.

2. Then tap on “Assistive Touch” to view its preference, and turn it on, then it will pop up a while circle which looks like a home button on your screen, and that will be your virtual home button.

3. When you don’t want virtual home button show up all the time, you can turn it off by going to Setting--General--Accessibility--Accessibility Shortcut, then tap on “Assistive Touch” on the new interface.

4. Then you can click power button to open or close the Assistive Touch tool on your screen.

Use Virtual Home Button on iPhone X

Now when finish set virtual home button on iPhone X, we’ll see a while circle on our home screen, that is our virtual home button. Now we’ll see how to use it.

1. Now open your iPhone X, go to home screen, tap on the while circle icon to bring out Assistive Touch menu.

2. By default, there will be options for our notification, activate Siri, bring out Control Center and return to home screen. And we just need to click related option to to the action.

Customize Virtual Home Button

By default, there are only several certain options on our virtual home button, but we can customize it according to our needs. Now we’ll see how to do it.

1. Now open your iPhone X, go to Setting--General--Accesibility--Assistive Touch. Then you can see all the options on your Assistive Touch menu. Like Single-Tap, Double-Tap, Long Press, 3D Touch ect.

2. So when you want to change “Single-Tap” to “Screenshot” instead of “Open Menu”, you can just tap on “Single Tap” and choose “Screenshot”. and you can repeat this process as you need.

3. Also you can add more button options to Assistive Touch menu by choosing “Customize Top Level Menu” to adjust which button will appear on Assistive Touch menu.

Now do you know how to set virtual home button on iPhone X and use it ?

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