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Solutions for All WhatsApp Problems

Summary: To help you with using WhatsApp more smoothly, we’ll list all WhatsApp problems here as well as its solutions for all WhatsApp problems.

WhatsApp still remains its ultimate messaging applications, and many people are using it for international chatting, but sometimes there are some errors with using WhatsApp, and it’s so annoying when we need to use it urgently. now it’s your day to fix all those WhatsApp problems and enjoy it more.

Firstly we’ll see all the WhatsApp problems we may encounter during using it, then we’ll find some methods to fix them one by one.

How to Block Contacts on WhatsApp

When you want to block some contacts on WhatsApp, you can follow below steps.

1.Open WhatsApp, go to the conversation with the contacts you need to block.

2.Then click three dots button and tap on “More”, now you can see “Block” option, tap on it, and this contact will be blocked.

How to Keep WhatsApp Conversation after Changing Device

We couldn’t use one device forever, so we many change our devices, then how could we keep our WhatsApp conversations?

1.Open WhatsApp on your device, click menu button.

2.Go to Setting--Chat Setting--Save Conversation, then your WhatsApp conversation will be saved on your SD card.

3.So when you change your device, you only need to insert the SD card to your new device. Install WhatsApp on your new device and click “Restore”, and it will be ok.

How to Change Phone Number

When you changed your phone number and want to revise it on your WhatsApp, please follow below steps.

1.Open WhatsApp, go to Menu--Setting--Account Info--Change Number.

2.Then new interface will show up, and you will need to input your old phone number before input your new phone number.

3.When finish it, click “Done”.

Can’t Send or Receive Messages via WhatsApp

Have you ever encounter the issue that you couldn’t send and receive WhatsApp messages? Now there are some tricks here.

1.Firstly, you can check your network connection, including Wifi and cellular network.

2.Restart your Android phone or iPhone to have a try.

3.Reinstall WhatsApp on your device.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

Just like we’re using other chat apps, we also care about if someone blocked us on WhatsApp, now we can judge it from below serveral tips.

1.If we can see time of online on their WhatsApp profiles.

2.Could we see their updated profile pictures.

3.When we send them some messages, will the messages be with single check.

Couldn’t Install WhatsApp

When you couldn’t install WhatsApp on your device, maybe the system version of your device is low, so you can update your device with new system version.

Couldn’t See Contacts on WhatsApp

Firstly please make sure you have set your WhatsApp contacts as “Visible” or “Viewable”.

1.Open WhatsApp on your device, go to Contacts.

2.Then click “More” option with three dots, and find option “Show All Contacts”. now it will be ok.

What is Last Seen on WhatsApp

Last Seen on WhatsApp means the contacts last use WhatsApp, and it’s the time that he or she doesn’t open WhatsApp.

How to Prevent People Knowing You have Read Their WhatsApp Messages

When you don’t want people know that you have read their WhatsApp messages, you can follow below tips and have a try.

Open WhatsApp, go to Setting--Account--Privacy--Read Receipts, turn it off.

On the other hand, you couldn’t see if other people have read your messages as well.

How to Delete WhatsApp Account

When you don’t want to use your WhatsApp any more, you can delete it.

Open WhatsApp, go to Menu--Settings--Account--Delete My Account, then tap on it to delete your WhatsApp account.

After deleting it, you couldn’t log in it any more, otherwise you register a new WhatsApp account.

Disable Media Auto Download Feature on WhatsApp

When you don’t need to save your WhatsApp media files on your phone or iPhone automatically, you can follow below steps and close it.

1.Open your WhatsApp, go to Setting--Chat Setting.

2.Then you can see Media Auto Download option, click it and choose the option you need.

Keep WhatsApp Data Safe

When you want to keep your WhatsApp data safe, you can backup your WhatsApp messages to WhatsApp iCloud server. Or when you’re using an iPhone, you can use iRefone to help you backup them selectively. And iRefone can also help us recover our lost iOS data selectively even we have no backups.

Now you can download and install the free trial version to have a try.

Step 1. Run iRefone, connect your iPhone with PC. Choose “Recover from iOS Device”, and click “Start”.

Step 2. Now new interface will show up, and there will be many data icon and media icon. Find and click “WhatsApp” icon, and it will be scanned by the software.

Step 3. After scanning, you can preview and choose WhatsApp messages you need to save, tap on “Recover to PC”, and choose folder path to save them.

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