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Solutions for Battery Drain Quickly with iOS 11

Now after updating iPhone with iOS 11, many iPhone user feedback that iOS 11 battery drain quickly. Are there any solutions for battery drain quickly with iOS 11?

Good news is that iOS 11.2 is available recently with the release of iPhone X, as said it has solved battery drain quickly issue with iOS 11, so you can update your iPhone with it to solve battery drain quickly problem. Also some iPhone user says they don’t want to update their iPhone with it yet, because there may be other issues. So what if you don’t want to update your iPhone with iOS 11.2, how do you fix iOS 11 battery drain quickly issue? Now follow below page and find more tips.

Check Battery Usage

Before solve the issue, we can check our battery usage and know the usage of our iPhone battery, then decide what to do next.

Go to Setting--Battery--Battery Usage, then you can see all your apps list under it with the battery power it has used.

After knowing the battery usage of your iPhone, you will know which app is using more battery, and you can close them when not using.

Close Cellular Data When Using Wifi

Most of us usually enable both Wifi and cellular data when we’re searching internet, but we don’t notice that it will drain more battery power, so we’d better disable one while using another one.

Go to Setting--Cellular Data, close it, or go to Setting--Wifi, turn the button off.

Close Apps When Not Using

Like Wifi, Bluetooth, Location service and Airdrop ect, when we don’t use it, we can close them to save battery life.

As when they’re open, they will always try to connect and search for related service and consume some battery power.

Now just go to Setting, tap on Wifi or Bluetooth or other related app button, and turn them off.

Lower Screen Brightness

Also we can lower our iPhone screen brightness to protect our eyes, also save some battery power.

Now go to Setting--Display & Brightness to adjust your screen brightness, or you can upper swipe your iPhone screen to enter control center, and adjust your iPhone screen brightness there.

Also we can disable Auto Brightness feature by go to Setting--General--Accessibility--Display Accommodation--Auto Brightness, then turn it off.

Close Raise to Wake

In order to make it more convenient for us to wake our iPhone and protect power button, we will enable Raise to Wake feature, every time we raise our iPhone, it will wake our iPhone screen, and we don’t need to press any button. But it will also consume more battery power.

Now go to Setting--Display & Brightness, then find Raise to Wake and turn the button off.

Disable Notification

In order not to miss some messages and updates, we will enable notification feature on our iPhone. When there is new messages or updates from our apps, it will push notification for us, then we can check it in time.

Now go to Setting--Notification--Allow Notification, turn it off.

Disable Fitness Tracking

As many social apps support us to do fitness tracking, and we’ll need to use those social app, so we can let them to track our fitness exercise, and close the one on our iPhone.

Go to Setting--Privacy--Motion & Fitness--Fitness Tracking, then turn it off.

Disable Background App Refresh

Background app refresh allows our app continue to work on background when we’re not using it, so it will also drain our battery.

Now go to Setting--General--Background App Refresh, then choose “Off” option.

And there are still many other tips about saving your battery life on iOS 11, here you can try those tips according to your needs and have a try.

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