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Solutions for Most Common iCloud Problems

iCloud provides free 5GB storage for users to backup iOS device data to Apple cloud service. This is the good official way to save iPhone data. However, every coin has two side. While iCloud provides the easy way to backup data, it also has some problems. If you are having problem getting iCloud to sign in or sync your data, you are not alone. These issues can be troublesome as they may affect how your data is backed up and even cause fear of data loss. But you do not worry as this article addresses some of the most common iCloud problems, offering an effective solution for each. Read on to find out how to fix your iCloud issue.

Part 1: Problems when Signing in to iCloud

When you set up iCloud, you may come up with some common problem. Follow below solutions to fix these sign in problems.

Don’t see the option to create an iCloud account when setting up the device

When you set up a new iOS device, you should see an option to create an iCloud account. If the option is not available, it may mean that you have an outdated version of iOS. Keep in mind that iCloud was introduced with iOS 5, so if you are running an earlier version, iCloud may not work.

Therefore, download iOS 5 or later on your device and then try setting up iCloud again.

Receive an “Authentication Failed” message when trying to sign in

If this happens to you, try using the Apple ID on your Apple ID account page. If you can’t sign in here either, reset the Apple ID account password and then try again.

Can’t sign in due to the alert “Account not verified-Check your email for instructions to verify your account.

If you see this alert when trying to sign in to your iCloud account, try the following.

-Close and the reopen iCloud preferences on your Mac before trying to sign in again.
-Check your email including the junk folder for a verification email from Apple
-If you don’t see a verification email, click “Resend Verification Email” in iCloud preferences to get it.

Part 2: Problems with Syncing iCloud

Follow below solutions to solve trouble of syncing data to iCloud account.

Restart your device and wait

Sometimes a bit of patience is all you need to fix an iCloud syncing problem. So, before you do anything drastic, simply restart the device and wait. It might also be a good idea to restart all affected devices.

Ensure you are using the Right account

Check to see that you are signed in to the same iCloud account on all the devices you are trying to sync. To make sure go to Settings > iCloud on your iOS device or System Preferences > iCloud on your Mac.

Make sure that iCloud is Working

Before you go blaming yourself for syncing problems, make sure that iCloud is working. You can check the current iCloud status on Apple’s system status screen. If iCloud has a green dot on it, it is working. Otherwise, wait for the system to come back online.
Ensure iCloud is Enables for your App

It is also important to ensure that the app you are trying to sync is enabled in iCloud. To do this, go to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and scroll through the listed apps to make sure the one you want is tuned on.
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