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[Solved]iTunes won’t Recognize iPhone

“Help! My iTunes on PC won’t recognize my iPhone now, what to do? How do i solve iTunes won’t recognize iPhone issue?”

Usually when we launch iTunes and connect our iPhone with PC, it will help us sync and restore iPhone data on iTunes, also it can help us update some software ect. But when iTunes won’t recognize our iPhone, we could do nothing with it. Fortunately, there are some ways can help us solve this issue. Now follow below steps and solve iTunes won’t recognize iPhone issue.

Reasons that iTunes won’t recognize iPhone

When iTunes won’t recognize our iPhone, there will be some reasons here, like there is some error, or our iTunes haven’t been updated to latest version, or there is something wrong with our USB cable ect.

After knowing the reasons, we can fix it correctly, see below tips.

Click Trust iPhone on PC

When we connect our iPhone with PC, it will pop up a message that if you trust this computer, then click trust.

Check USB Cable

When iTunes won’t recognize our iPhone, the problem may also come from our USB Cable.

Now you can find another matched USB cable to have a try, or if you’re using an third-partty USB cable, you can find the original one to have a test.

Restart iPhone and PC

Usually when there is something wrong with iPhone, we can restart it to have a try. Now we can also restart our iPhone and PC to have a try.

1. Now you can unplug your iPhone with PC, press power button of your iPhone and hold on until it shows “Slide to power off” option on your iPhone.

2. After closing it, press home button and power button together and hold on until it shows up Apple logo on your screen, and your iPhone will be restarted.

3. Then press Windows image icon at the left bottom corner of your Windows PC to find the option “Restart”, click it to restart your PC.
4. When finish it, reconnect your iPhone with PC and check if it can be recognized by iTunes.

Update iTunes with Latest Version

Also we should make sure our iTunes is with latest version, if not, you can follow below steps and update it.

1. Launching your iTunes, and find and click “Help” option at the top of your screen.

2. Now you can see option “Check Updates”, click it and continue with its instruction and update your iTunes.

Install and Active Apple Device USB Driver

Also we’ll need to make sure that Apple device USB cable is installed and actived on our PC.

1. Close your iTunes, then click Windows button to find and click device manager, then tap on “Enter” to open “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”.

2. Then find and click “Apple Mobile Device USB Driver”, when you see “!” next to it, right click on the entry and “Enable” it.

3. When you see “?” next to it, right click it and choose “Uninstall”; then right click “Universal Serial Bus Controller” and choose “Scan for hardware changes”.

4. Then Windows will try to install needed drivers automatically and help detect our iPhone.

Now have your issue of iTunes won’t recognize iPhone been fixed?

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