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[Solved] Hide App Icon on iPhone iPad

Too many app icons on your home screen? Have you ever thought about hiding those app icons on your iPhone iPad ?

When we hide app icons on our iPhone iPad, it can help us save some space of our screen, and make it easier to find them, also it can help us ensure that other people couldn’t access those content or check them. Now when you want to keep those app contents safe, you can read those page and learn to hide your app icons on iPhone iPad.

How to Hide Stock iPhone Apps

First of all, we’ll see how to hide stock iPhone apps on your iPhone iPad, and before doing it, please make sure you will need to enable restrictions passcode on your iPhone iPad.

1.Open your iPhone and iPad, and go to Setting--General--Restrictions, now input your restrictions passcode.

2.Then we’ll enter the new interface with many stock app icons, now find the one you need to hide and turn off their buttons.

Now the stock apps will be hidden when you turn off their app button, and other people couldn’t check them.

How to Hide Download Apps

If you want to hide those apps that you download from App store, it’s ok. Now you can follow below steps and have a try.

1.Open your iPhone iPad, and go to Setting--General--Restrictions, and enter your restrictions passcode.

2.Now in the new interface under iPhone stock apps list, find and click “Apps” icon.

3.Then we can choose and tap on “Don’t Allow Apps”, and your download apps will be hidden. Also you can choose “Age Groups” to set it with certain age groups couldn’t see it.

Hide Apps by Using Folders

When you just want to save some screen space of your iPhone, you can also hide some of your apps by using folders, but other people can still check it when they click those folders.

1.Open your iPhone iPad, and go to home screen page.

2.Tap on one of the apps and hold on until the apps are shaking.

3.Then drag one of the shaking app that you need to hide in folder towards to another apps, when they overlap, it will zoom in and new folders will be created.

4.And when new folder is made, you can drap more shaking apps to it. If you want to completely hide those apps, you will need to add more than seven apps into thise folder, then it will just show up one apps icon. And you can set it with the one that you’re fine with other people seeing.

5.When you add more apps in the folder, you can drag some apps to the right, then new page in this folder will be created, and we can only create 12 pages within this folder.

Hide Apps from Spotlight Search

Last we can also hide our apps from Spotlight Search, if you don’t want other people use it to search our hidden apps.

1.Now open your iPhone iPad, go to Setting--General--Spotlight Search.

2.Then you can turn off the apps you want to hide from Spotlight Search.

Find Hidden Apps

Some people may be curious about how could we find those hidden apps on our iPhone iPad? It’s easy, now just follow below steps and find them.

1.Open your iPhone iPad and go to home screen, then swipe down from the bottom of your screen.

2.Then we’ll enter “Spotlight Search” page, and we can input the app name we need to find and search it.

3.When it pops up, click it and we’ll open this app.

Tips: when you have hide your apps by turning off them in Spotlight Search, you won’t search them with this method.
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