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Things Need to Do Before Selling iPhone

Now that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are there and the new iPhone 8 will come soon, there’s plenty of Apple fans looking to sell off their old models in order to upgrade to the hottest new devices in tech. This is a fantastic idea just that you fear for your private data and all your information stored on the old iPhone falling in the wrong hands. If you wish to sell your iPhone, then you need to perform a few basic operations beforehand. Simply go through this informative guide and follow our stepwise instructions to learn what to do before selling iPhone.

Tip 1: Backup Data Before Selling iPhone

To save your valuable and important data, you are suggested to backup your iPhone to iTunes/iCloud or transfer some important files from used iPhone to computer before selling it.

Backup all data and settings on iPhone

Before selling your iPhone, you’d better backup your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud, which is a good way to save all of your iPhone data and setting. In addition, you can move all of this data and setting to your new bought iPhone by simply restoring from iTunes and iCloud.

Tip: If you are planning to switch iPhone to Android, backing up iPhone with iTunes or iCloud seems useless because Apple doesn't provide the way to access iPhone backup data, which means that you can't preview data on iPhone backup and get backup data to one Android phone.

Transfer data from iPhone to computer

Sometimes, you may found that not all of the data on iPhone are useful expect some media files( such as songs, photos and videos) or some important private data( such as contacts, messages and notes). In this situation, you can use some iPhone data transfer tool, iRefone( supports 16+ iOS files), to extract specific data from iPhone to computer or other another iOS device.

Related Tutorial: Backup iPhone to Computer with iRefone.

Tip 2: Erase All Content and Settings on iPhone

After backing up everything important on your iPhone, now you can start your step to wipe out all of the data on you iPhone, which is one good way to ensure none of your personal data is illegal accessed/stolen when you don't know what kind of person the buyer is.

Erasing everything on an iPhone is super easy, just tap Setting > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Setting. In this process, you may be required to enter your passcode and Apple ID password.

Tip 3: Remove Devices Paired With iPhone

Before selling your iPhone, you need to make sure that you have moved all the other devices that were automatically paired with iPhone. Unpair your iPhone with all the other devices that it was earlier linked with( for instance, your Apple watch). To do it, simply visit dedicated app of that device and choose to unpair( or unsync) it from your iPhone.
Tip 4: Delete iCloud Accounts and Sign Out iMessages and Facetime

Signing out of your Apple ID account will disable all iCloud-related features on your iPhone. By doing this, you will also be disabling, temporarily, FaceTime and iMessage. To do this on your iPhone:

>>Open Settings
>>Tap on iCloud
>>Scroll down and tap on Delete Account
>>Confirm by tapping on Delete
To sign out of iMessages/FaceTime

>>Open Settings
>>Tap on Messages( for iMessages)/Tap on FaceTime
>>Under Messages, turn off the switch for iMessage
>>Under FaceTime, turn off the switch for FaceTime
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