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Tips about How to Charge iPhone Faster

“Could you show me some tips about how to charge iPhone faster? My iPhone seems to be charged slow.”

When you’re on the way to go out of the door, or you need to use your iPhone and find out it’s with low battery level and you only get several minutes to get it charged. Then what do you do? Have you ever thought about how to charge it faster? Now it’s your time to read this article and learn some tips about how to charge iPhone faster.

Turn on Airplane Mode

When our iPhone is running some apps, it will charge slow, so we can turn on Airplane mode, then it can help us prevent our iPhone from searching Wifi and cellular network, in this way it can help us save some battery.

Now swipe up from the bottom of your screen to bring out Control Center, then you can see Airplane mode image icon, click it to turn it on. When it’s on, it will be with orange color.

Close iPhone

If you don’t want your iPhone use any battery energy, you can close it.

Now you just need to press power button and hold on until it pop up a message “Slide to power off” on your screen, then slide it to close your iPhone.

Keep iPhone Cool

When we charge our iPhone, whether iPhone charger or our iPhone get hot, it will affect the charging process of our iPhone and damage our iPhone battery. Also when your iPhone is in a cold environment, the charging process will also decrease. So we’ll need to keep our iPhone in proper environment. When it’s getting hot, we can remove its cover.

Use Matched Charger

When charging your iPhone, please use its original charger or marched charger.

And Usually, the higher the number of watts, the faster your iPhone will be charged, but please note that your iPhone will hit its maximum ceiling for how much power it can take on board. So you’d better use correct iPhone charger to charge your iPhone.

Keep up with Battery Maintenance

Generally, we use two ways to maintain our iPhone battery, that is close our iPhone once time at least several days and make and make our iPhone’s lighting port clean.

Now it’s done, have you learned about those tips?
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