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Tips about Using Photos and Videos on iPhone iPad

Every day, we’ll shoot some photos and videos with our iPhone iPad to record our daily life and remember those good amazing moments. But there are some privacy tips about using photos and video on iPhone iPad you may don’t know, here we’ll show some of them for you.

When you want to know how to stop syncing photos to iCloud, hiding photos in certain album, locking photos and videos, deleting deleted photos and videos ect, you can follow below page and have a check.

Stop Syncing Photos to iCloud

We can sync our photos and videos easily to our iCloud to keep them safe and share them on your other iOS devices, but our iCloud will be full soon, so when you don’t want to sync them to your iCloud, you can check below steps and stop syncing photos to iCloud.

1.Open your iPhone, go to Setting--Photos.

2.Then there will be many options there, find “iCloud Photo Library”, and turn it off.

Hide Photos and Videos in Certain Album

When you don’t want other people see your some of your videos and photos, and you want to keep them secret, now you can hide them. Follow below steps.

1.Open Photo album on your iPhone iPad, and find the photo you need to hide.

2.Open it, and click “Share” image icon at the left bottom corner, then you can see many new options.

3.Now find and click “Hide” option, and confirm with “Hide Photo”, then this photos will be in “Hidden Album”.

Tips: it’s easy for us to hide photos and videos, but it can only help us hide them from moments, years, and collection view ect. And other people can still check them from Hidden album.

Lock Photos and Videos

When you want to completely keep some of your photos and videos secretly, you can lock them with password.

1.Open your iPhone, go to Photo album and find the photo you need to lock.

2.Click “Share” image icon and choose “Notes” to create a new note. Then go to Notes app, find the new notes and swipe left to find option “Lock”, click it.

3.Then it will need you to input the password if it’s your first time to use lock feature, or you can enter your notes password you have made for your notes, also you can choose to use Touch ID or Face ID to lock and unlock it.

4.When it’s done, click “Lock Now” at the bottom of the folder, then you can delete this photos from your photo album.

Remove Geotagging Photos and Videos

When we take some photos, it will also store our locations, so when we share them, it will also share the locations where we take those photos. Now when you want to keep your iPhone from geotagging your photos and video, you can stop it by following below steps.

1.Open your iPhone iPad, go to Setting--Privacy.

2.then find and click “Location Service”, and find “Camera” option in the new interface, and choose “Never”. now your photos will not show your locations.

Delete Deleted Photos and Videos

The photos and videos we delete from our iPhone photo album won’t be erased immediately, and they will be stored on “Recent Deleted” album for 30 days.

So when you want to delete those photos completely, you can find them in your “Recent Deleted” album, and delete those photos again.

Remark: there are many other tips about using photos and videos on our iPhone iPad, and we’ll show you next time.

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