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Tips to Fix iPhone Battery Won’t Hold Charge

“There is something wrong with my iPhone 7 that the battery cannot hold charge. It happend from time to time, but would be a trouble for me. Thus, I want to ask if anyone can help me solve the problem.”

iPhone battery problem is one of the common issues on iPhone. Many users may suffer from the trouble that iPhone battery won’t hold charge or the battery run very fast. If you are also the one among them, you’d better keep on reading and this article will show you some tips to resolve the battery not holding charge problem effectively.

Tips to Fix iPhone Battery Won’t Hold Charge

1. Find the Power-draining Apps

If your iPhone battery won't hold charge, it is essential to figure out which apps are wreaking havoc with your iPhone battery life. Go to Settings > Battery and look for the power consuming apps. Check for the last 24 hours and last 7 days, and get rid of those apps that are consuming most of the battery if they are not so important.

2. Disable Auto-fetching Feature

Auto-fetching feature for your emails might be a reason why the iPhone battery won't hold charge. Someone can always reach you on call or text, and you can skip push emails that drains your iPhone battery. You can manually check it whenever you want, so you can turn auto-fetching following

Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data > toggle off Push. Tap on any account under Fetch New Data > Manually.
3. Turn Down the Brightness

Increased brightness usually drains your iPhone battery faster. It is recommended to turn down the brightness to save power. You can do that by swiping down the notification bar and then sliding the brightness bar to left. Alternately you can also go to Settings > Display & Brightness > slide the brightness bar to left or toggle on Auto-Brightness. It will adjust the brightness as per the environmental light and minimize the problem.
4. Update iOS

Sometimes your iPhone battery won't hold charge due to outdated iOS. It is recommended to update your iOS firmware. Steps to do it via the over the air (OTA) method.

Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install > Install. You need to have enough space on your iPhone to let the update take place.
5. Restore iPhone with a Previous Backup

When your iPhone battery drains fast, you can try restoring your iPhone with an old backup. This is because there might be some problem with the data or apps currently on your iPhone. Restoring your iPhone from the previous backup might clean the glitch.

Launch iTunes after connecting your iPhone > select your iPhone > Summary > Restore Backup… > pick a recent backup file > Restore > confirm your selection.
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