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Top 3 iPhone Backup Service

Are you looking for the best iPhone backup service? Unexpected incidents like accident deletion or loss of the device could cause untold hardship if your iPhone were not backed up. Backing up and protecting important files, images, videos or the entire hard drive is a very crucial task in recovering your data when you suffer from the data trouble. This article will introduce to you and compare the top 3 backup service available today.


iRefone is an excellent iPhone backup software that enables you to export your essential data from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to computer for easy access at any time.


-Support up to 16 different files: iRefone supports 16 different files that can be exported to the computer. These files and data include messages, notes, contacts, photos, voice memos, safari bookmarks and more. It makes users to selectively backup some certain kinds of data to computer.
-Back up Third-party Apps: The software can back up WhatsApp data from iPhone. Besides, WeChat data can be backed up using iRefone.
-Partially Back up Data:If you are not interested in backing up all your iPhone data, you can partially or selectively back them up. This means that you can choose what you want to back up at any time. For instance, you may want to backup Safari History and iMessages only, the preview panel in the software enables you to choose necessary data.
-Extract Unreadable Files: iRefone can also extract unreadable data on your iCloud and iTunes to your computer without first restoring iTunes or iCloud backup to your iPhone. You can view clearly the unreadable data on your system.


-Not Free: The first drawback about this software program is that it comes with a price. Presently, it is not free. Though there is a free version, it is meant for testing the effectiveness of the software. You will have to pay to keep enjoying it.
-Support Not More Than 16 Files: As at now, iRefone only support up to 20 files and no more. If you have many other files and apps, some may not be supported. For a full list of supported files, check the website.


Most people have heard about iTunes, but not many of them understand that it is an excellent platform for organizing music and movies and backing up all data from iPhone. iTunes is a place where you can buy and download music and videos to a computer system too. iTunes is very useful.


-Support All Data: iTunes supports all data on iPhone, enabling users to easily back up their data securely to the large storage space iTunes offer.
-Free from Apple: You do not need to buy iTunes because it comes free from Apple. And as an iPhone owner, you are given free access to iTunes. iTunes helps you to save your cash for other needs.


-Cannot View Content in Backup: Though you are able to back up your data, you cannot go to backup and view your information. This is really a big minus of iTunes because iPhone users need to gain access to their data no matter where they export it to.
-Cannot Back Up Data Partially: Since you may not need all items or data on your iPhone, you may want to partially back up. Unfortunately, iTunes does not give you an opportunity to back up partially.


iCloud is a brainchild of Apple and was created to provide solid backup for all data – photos, videos, music, document, apps and the like – on iPhone. From different devices, iPhone users can gain access and update their data anytime and anywhere. iCloud is that tool that provides complete protection and frees up space on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


-Automatically Back Up Data: One of the best attractions of iCloud is its ability to back up iPhone data automatically, thus eliminating manual backup and saving time. As new information enters your device, they back up to iCloud.
-Free from Apple: iCloud is free to use for all Apple devices owners. It is specifically set for Apple products, and if you are iPhone owner, you can use iCloud free.
-View Data: If you want to check your data, simply login to iCloud.com and start viewing your data in iCloud.


-Not All Data Are Viewable: Though you can view some data in iCloud via iCloud.com, a majority of the data cannot be viewed in iCloud backup. Therefore, you may find it difficult gaining access to most of your data if your iPhone got stolen or was formatted.
-May Not Work: iCloud also has the tendency to break down and refuse to work. In such situation, the user is left frustrated as important files and data are left vulnerable to lose.
-Cannot Work Without Wi-Fi or Cellular: iCloud will not work except you have your Wi-Fi or cellular connection on, making it difficult to access whenever you have no internet connection, or you are out of service area.
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