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Top 5 Best iPhone Video Recording Apps

Nowadays, iPhone has evolved into a wonderful camera, more and more people choose to take beautiful photos, capture interesting pictures or record amazing videos via their iPhone. However sometimes the camera on the iPhone doesn't seem to be quite enough. A lot more features should be added in the native camera application such as the size of recording, quality of videos being record, frame rate and many more.

If you're one of those guys/gals who'd love to play around with video apps for the fun of it, there are thousands of amazing video apps on the App Store, offering more diverse options to shoot videos through your iPhone. Here are 5 video recorder apps you should look at.

#1. Precorder


If you've been consistently missing that "special moment" when trying to capture it on video, then you definitely need this app. There are plenty of pre-recorders on the App Store, but this one probably takes the cake for being one of the simplest and easiest to use. The free version gives you about 5-seconds of a headstart while this one linked here gives you 10 seconds of the same.Precorder is a must have if you've got pets or kids in your house. Special moments last for about a second and if you really want them captured, get Precorder right away!

Price: $1.99

#2. iMajiCam Video Effects


This one applies real-time effects to the video you capture. And that's not something whose import you get by reading stuff here. When you use iMajiCam, you realize that there's a ton of difference between adding effects to the video after it has been captured and capturing a video with realtime effects. The app also features some mandatory features found on the Camera app besides adding its own specialties to the overall experience. It's a complete app for capturing HD photos and videos.

Price: Free

#3. Videolicious


Videolicious offers simple and easy way to create a storyboard with your photos and videos. Think of it as a stripped down version of iMovie - stripped down to a point where all you can do is create beautiful videos with narration. Oh yeah, there are filters too that lend a cinematic finish to your work.

Price: Free

#4. 8mm Vintage Camera


The 8mm vintage camera app is a little overpriced for the features and the usage but if you're looking for a hassle-free and perfect vintage look in your videos, you can very well throw a dollar or two and get this app. The part about being the most authentic vintage camera for the iPhone (optimized for iPhone 5 too) is somewhat true to a large extent.

Price: $1.99

#5. TiltShift Video


Ever since I first stumbled on these, I've been a fan of TiltShift photos and videos. Obviously, I've seen tons of tutorials that show you how you can achieve TiltShift through Photoshop but nothing beats TiltShift videos. They're strangely attractive and if you're looking for tutorials, don't waste your time. Spend your dollar on TiltShift video and you're done! The finest app you can ever get your hands on for those TiltShift videos.

Price: $0.99

Guide: How to record videos on iPhone manually


Step 1. Go to main screen on your iPhone and open camera application. Swipe towards right to see the video options, You will see the flash button at the top left corner to toggle flash on/off, you can also switch between the front and back camera on your iPhone by tapping on top right corner.

Step 2. To start the recording, hit the "Record" button and once the recording is finished, tap that button again to stop the recording.

Is is possible to recover deleted/lost the recorded videos on iPhone?

Sometimes, due to wrong operations, failure iOS upgrade, iPhone broken/stolen or other reasons, we may lose such lovely videos from our iPhone. Do you know how to retrieve lost videos from iPhone? Undoubtedly, it is possible to recover the delete videos from iTunes or iCloud backup files. While once you choose to restore your iPhone, all the things on your iPhone will be replaced by the contents in the backup.

Fortunately, in this post we will introduce a totally new alternative way using iRefone for Mac and offer you a step-by-step tutorial to recover deleted videos from iPhone 6s Plus/6s/5s/5/5c/4s/4 no matter how despair situation you are struck in. You are allowed to sacn & preview lost videos on your iPhone in the process of recovery, and then able to restore the required videos from your iPhone selectively. Apart from videos, the smart gadget also enables you retrieve other types of data like photos, text messages, contacts, call history, calendars, notes, voice memos...from your iPhone directly or iTunes/iCloud files. If you are a Windows user, you can turn to its equivalent Windows version iRefone for help.

Detailed Guide: How to Retrieve Deleted Videos From iTunes Backup or iCloud Backup

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