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Transfer WeChat Data to iPhone X

“Finally i get my new iPhone X, it looks so good and just like Apple described. When i download and log in WeChat on it, i can only check my WeChat contacts without chat log, how could i transfer my WeChat data to iPhone X?”

When you have changed your phone or reinstalled WeChat on your iPhone, you may find that we couldn’t check our former WeChat chat history on our new device or new installed WeChat any more. What to do? Then we’ll think about transferring those WeChat data from our old phone to our new phone. Now here, we’ll show you how to transfer WeChat data to iPhone X, when you need, please check it and learn more detailed information.

Transfer WeChat Data from Android Phone to iPhone X

If you’re using Android phone, windows phoneor iPhone, we’ll show you how to sync WeChat data to iPhone X with WeChat server, as it can help us save WeChat chat log for 7 days.

1.Open your old phone, connect it with Wifi.

2.Log in WeChat with your WeChat ID and password, then go to Me--Setting--Chat--Chat Log Migration, then find and click “Migrate to another phone”. now you can choose the chat log you need to transfer, and tap on “Done”.

3.When finish it, you’ll get a QR code. Then log in WeChat on your new iPhone X, and scan the QR code, now it will begin migrating.

Then wait for its finishment, and your WeChat chat log will be transferred to your new iPhone X.

Tips: this method can be used for all kinds of phones, including Android phone, Windows phone, iPhone and iPad ect.

Transfer WeChat Data to iPhone X with iCloud

When your former phone is also an iPhone, you can transfer your WeChat data with iCloud.

1.Open your old iPhone, and connect it with Wifi. Then go to Setting--iCloud, log in it with your Apple ID and password.

2.When log in, turn on iCloud driver and WeChat button, then tap on “Backup”, and confirm with “Backup Now”.

3.When finish backup, connect your iPhone X with Wifi. Log in iCloud with same Apple ID and password.

4.Now go to Setting--General--Erase All Content and Settings, when all content and settings are erased, go to set up assistant with a hello screen.

5.Swipe to begin the set up progress, choose the backup files you need, tap on “Restore Backup”, and confirm with “Restore”.

Tips: it won’t allow us restore data from iCloud selectively, so we’ll restore all those backups.

Transfer WeChat Data to iPhone X with iTunes

Also we can backup our old WeChat data on iTunes, then restore them to iPhone X.

1.Launching your iTunes, connect your old iPhone with PC. When it’s recognized, tap on “Backup Now” on the right page, and confirm with “Backup”.

2.When finish backup, connect your iPhone X with PC. And go to Files--Summary, then you can see all your backup files there.

3.Choose the backup files you need, tap on “Restore Backup”, and confirm “Restore”.

Remark: when you lost some of your WeChat data or other iPhone data, or you want to restore them from your backups without erasing all content and settings, you can come to iRefone for help.
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