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Troubleshooting WhatsApp Connection Issue

“Help! I couldn’t connect to my WhatsApp this morning, is it down? How to fix WhatsApp connection issue? I need to use it urgently.”

When we couldn’t connect to WhatsApp, the problem may come from WhatsApp service or our local side, so we’ll need to find out the reason, then fix them. And here are some tips about how to troubleshoot WhatsApp connection issue, please have a try.

Check Internet Connection

WhatsApp connection is based on internet connection, so firstly we need to check our Wifi or cellular network.

Wifi Network Checking:

When the problem comes from your Wifi network connection, you can follow below tips and fix it.

1.Check other online apps and see if they work well, if not, the problem may come from your Wifi connection.

2.Then go to Setting--Wifi, turn it off, wait for few seconds, and turn it on again to connect your phone or iPhone with Wifi.

3.Or you can restart your Wireless router to have a try.

4.When your phone or iPhone is connected with Wifi, try to connect your WhatsApp again.

Cellular Network Checking:

If you’re using Cellular network, you’ll need to check it on your side first.

1.When the issue comes from your cellular network, you can go to Setting--Cellular Network, and turn it off. Then turn it on to reconnect it and have a try.

2.Also you can contact your cellular carrier for checking.

Restart Your Phone or iPhone

Also you can restart your phone or iPhone to have a try, it can always help us fix some software issue.

For iPhone:

1.Press your power button and hold on for about 10 seconds, then it will show up “Slide to close phone” option on your screen.

2.Now slide it to close your iPhone and wait for a minutes, then press home button and power button together and hold on until Apple logo show up on your screen. And your iPhone will be open.

3.Now connect your iPhone with Wifi and try to launch your WhatsApp again.

For Android phone:

It’s easier for us to restart Android phone, we just need to press power button for a while to close it, and then press power button again for a few seconds to open it.

When it’s open, try to connect your WhatsApp again.

Update or Reinstall WhatsApp

When the version of WhatsApp is too old, we may not be able to use it as well. So we can upate or reinstall it to have a try.

Update WhatsApp:

Now open your phone or iPhone, and go to App store, then check if there is some vew version, if yes, update it.

Reinstall WhatsApp:

1.Open your phone or iPhone and go to home page, then find WhatsApp app icon.

2.Tap on it and hold on until the App icon shaking with “x” or “Delete” option, then tap on “x” or “Delete” option to uninstall it.

3.Now go to App store, download and reinstall WhatsApp.

4.Then log in it with your WhatsApp ID and password to have a try.

Reset Network Setting

Also we can reset our network setting to have a try, but it will delete all our Wifi password that we have set.

1.Open your phone or iPhone, go to Setting--General.

2.Then tap on Reset--Reset NetWork Setting.

3.Now research your Wifi and log in it with its password and try to connect your WhatsApp again.
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