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Two Ways to View WeChat Recall Messages on iPhone

WeChat has the feature that lets you recall the last messages you sent within two minutes. Just long-press the message to active a series of options, click “Recall” and the messages will disappear from both your chat screen and the recipient’s. If you are chatting with the contact and he just recalled a message, are you curious about the content he sent and want to view this recall message? If you are such a curious person, our article will be your key to the answer.

In order to view WeChat recall messages, we will provide two ways for you.

Method 1: View WeChat Recall Messages in iPhone Notifications Center

The first way to view WeChat recall messages is quite easy, but need a litter luck. If your iPhone is locked when your friend send and recall WeChat messages, although he recall the message on WeChat, the message he sent can not be recall in the notification center. So just view WeChat recall message in iPhone notification Center. If your iPhone is unlocked, is it impossible to view recall messages? No. Read the below method.

Method 2: Recover and View WeChat Recall Messages with iRefone

To recover recall WeChat messages, you need the iPhone WeChat data recovery tool, iRefone. This software not only can recover deleted WeChat messages, WeChat Contacts from iPhone and iPad directly, but also extract and restore WeChat photos, audio messages, videos from iTunes or iCloud backup selectively, without erasing any data on your iPhone.

Tips: Once you receive the message that your friend recall the message, if you want to view these messages you’d better turn on Airplane Mode or power off your iPhone directly and then backup iPhone with iTunes or iCloud. The reason is that your new data in your iPhone will overwrite these recall messages.

To recover and view WeChat recall messages with iRefone, you need to download and install iRefone first.

1.Launch iRefone. Choose Recover from iOS Device mode. Please connect your iPhone to the computer so as to scan and analyze WeChat data from it. Click Start button to begin.

2.Scan WeChat messages from iPhone. Click on WeChat Messages item to start the automatic scanning and analysis process.

3.View WeChat recall messages. When the scanning is finished, you could preview the Wechat recall message in the interface. As it is the recalled message, it will be marked deleted which will be in orange.

Have you got these two ways? There is no secret when chatting with your friends on WeChat now.
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