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Ways to Change Kik Username on iPhone

Are you using Kik? Do you know how to change your Kik username on iPhone?

As some people may not be familar with Kik app, here we’ll briefly intrduce you about it. Kik is also a popular messaging app, it’s available free of charge on iOS, Android and Windows phones. When we download one and register it, we can send free messages via phone data plan or Wifi to transmit them. After knowing this, we’ll see how to change your Kik username on iPhone.

Difference Between Kik Username and Display Name

Firstly, we’ll know about Kik username and display name.

Kik username is just like WeChat ID, which couldn’t be changed, as it’s our register ID, it’s unique and our identity. And our friends can find us through searching our Kik username, so when we change it, we’ll need to use another email address and register a new one, then add our friends again.

But for Kik display name, it’s the name we need to display to others when we chat with them, and we can change them.

Change Kik Display Name

As we couldn’t change Kik username, but we can change Kik display name, that is the one we need. See below steps.

1.Connect your iPhone with Wifi, and open Kik app on it.

2.Now click Setting--Your Account, then you can see your Kik username and display name.

3.Then click “Name” to enter the new page and change your Kik display name.

4.After changing it and save it, you can go back to your Kik account and see if your Kik display name have been changed.

Block People in Kik

When we don’t want to receive messages from someone, we can also block him or her like we do with other chat apps, now follow below steps and see how to do it.

1.Click Kik app on your iPhone, then open “Info” page and find the one you need to block.

2.Now click three dots image icon on the top right corner, and it will show up options. Find and click “Block”, tap on it.

When you don’t want to block them, you can also unblock them.
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