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Ways to Delete iTunes and iCloud Backup

“There are several iPhone and iPad backups of my wife and mine in iTunes, which stored in my PC. But there is not enough space on my computer now. So I am wondering if it possible to delete some useless iTunes backup to free up the space on my computer.”

“I always make the backup of my iPhone to iCloud as long as it reminders me to do it. But now it inform me that my iCloud storage if almost full. Can I delete some data and some backup in icloud?”

iTunes and iCloud both provide the easy way for you to make the backup for you need the data one day. But these backup may take a lot of space on your PC, Mac or iCloud. Actually, some old backup may be useless while you finished the restore. Then you may want to delete these iTunes and iCloud backup. Below we will show you the way of how to delete iPhone backup.

Part 1: How to Delete iTunes Backup

Part 2: How to Delete iCloud Backup

How to Delete iTunes Backup

Step 1 Open iTunes on your Mac and go to the menu bar. Click on iTunes and select preferences.

Step 2 Go to Device tab in the preferences select the backup you wish to delete.

Step 3 Confirm the delete by click on “Delete” in the pop-up window.


To quickly delete locate iTunes backup and delete them, you can go to below location:

For Windows: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
For Mac ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

How to Delete iCloud Backup

How to Delete iCloud Backup on Windows

Step 1 Launch iCloud on computer and click “Manage”.

Step 2 Select the backup you need to delete and click on “Delete”.

How to Delete iCloud Backup on Mac

Step 1 Go to System Preference

Step 2 Select and click on iCloud icon.

Step 3 Then it will load iCloud preferences. Click on Manage button at the bottom right of the window and select the Backups tab at the top of the list. Then all of the iCloud backups will be listed in the interface. Select the backup you need and click “Delete”

Step 4 Click Delete button to confirm delete the iCloud backup you choose.

How to Delete iCloud Backup on iPhone/iPad

Step 1 Go to “Settings> iCloud> Storage> Mange Storage”.

Step 2 Select the device whose backup you need to delete, tap on “Delete Backup”.

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