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ZTE Corporation Release Foldable Phone Axon M

When we’re all talking about that Apple will focus on foldable iPhone in next two years, now ZTE corporation just release foldable smartphone Axon M suddenly. What a big news, it really surprises us all.

Why foldable smartphone is so attractive? And many smartphone company are trying to achieve it? As we believe foldable smartphone is the future design of our phones. Now firstly we’ll look at foldable smartphone Axon M for review.

Appearance of ZTE Foldable Smartphone Axon M

Firstly, we’ll look at its design, it seems that Axon M is with two phones, which can help us view images and pages with bigger screen, also we can fold it into one to carry it. And it acts the phrase that two is better than one.

Also it’s with two 5.2 inches full HD display combined into one smartphone, and they can be folded back to one phone with normal width, but with glass front and glass back, which is similar with iPhone X back side.

How Two Display Screen Combined into One Phone

Then here you may be curious about how ZTE combined two display screen into one smartphone, here we’ll show you the tech.

When you open those two display screens, you may find there is a seam, and there is a hinge which can help connect two screens, and when we fold it, it will be thicker.

But it seems this kind of foldable smartphone is different with Apple and Samsung’s foldable screen, but they just idea it, and we’ll need to wait and see.

The Feature of Camera and Battery for Axon M

Then we’ll look at its camera and battery, see if it can reach our needs.

Axon M is with 20 MP camera, and it’s with f/1.8 aperture, and the main feature of this phone camera is that it allows us to use its main camera to take photo of ourselves, which is so exciting. Because main camera always help us take better photos.

Now we’ll see its storage, as we can see it’s with 64GB internal storage, and we can also insert a Micro SD card, which can help us enlarge the storage of our phone, which doesn’t support on iPhone.

And for it’s battery, we’ll need to use it and have a test.

Price and Release Data of Axon M

Now iPhone X has been released on November 3rd, when will Axon M release? And how is its price?

As said it will compete with Samsung Galaxy X, so it says Axon M will release at the end of this year before the announce of Samsung Galaxy X.

For its price, it may start at 24.17 USD a month via its American carrier.

How Will Foldable iPhone Work

Now we’ll see something about foldable iPhone, and it says Apple will cooperate with LG for its actually foldable display screen, which is bendable. But how could we bend our mateial of iPhone? Like its battery, back side ect?

So it’s still a mysterious, let’s wait and for its real products. And welcome foldable smartphone world.
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